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The Club Coaches

Head Coach - Mohamed Hamika

Mohamed began fencing as an undergraduate at the University of Baghdad as part of a degree course in Physical Education. After qualifying in both foil and epee, he continued to fence and was quickly recognised as a prodigious talent, being chosen in 1986 to represent his country. At this time, he began training with a Hungarian master in foil, and a Russian in epee, each with his own distinctive style.

When his international career ended in 1991, he left Iraq to take over the coaching of the Jordanian national team. Under his tenure, the team flourished, with one of his pupils achieving a gold medal in the Arabian Tournament of 1996. He came to Britain the following year, and began fencing at two of London's most prestigious clubs, Salle Paul and Haverstock Fencing Club.

In 1999, he returned to coaching, taking up posts at a number of private clubs, schools and universities. Over the years, his students have performed very well in national competitions, yet coaching is not the limit of his remaining ambition. Unlike the majority of professional coaches, he continues to compete himself - a sign that he is still in touch with the rigours of modern fencing.


Foil Coaches - Ian and Jane Lepley

Epee Coach - Andy Bourlet


Sabre Coach - Roger Hawkes

Roger started fencing at Gerorge Mitchel school in London at the age of 12. Under the watchful eye of his coach Eric Kelman he quickly progressed and was fencing in both foil and sabre in many junior competitions. Rogers interets and enthusiasm in the sport led his to attend the Polytechnic Fencing club in Regent Street in London and trained under the Hungarian master in Sabre Bela Imregie. Roger reunited with earlier fencing associates in 1995 and formed the Highams Park Fencing Club. Roger continues to play a role as amateur coach in Sabre and foil as well as being an avid committee member. He also continues to compete himself.