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The following rule changes will apply from the 1st Sept 2016.

Full details can be downloaded here



Where you come on-guard using the on-guard lines.

Foil & epee do not change but sabre does.

At sabre the back foot is to be 2 mtrs from the centre line, that is they are now in front of their on-guard line with the back foot touching or on the on-guard line.


t18.5 add a second para and t120.1.19

They have brought back the reversing of shoulders rule for foil.


m27.3 & m32.4

Coiled mask wires not allowed.

Must be white or clear and 30 to 40 cm long


The following could be a big problem as it will require a change to box timings at sabre.

m.annexe B section C, sabre, para 8

After a hit is sored a subsequent hit made by the other fencer will only be registered if it occurs with in a max of – changed from 120 milliseconds to 170 milliseconds.

The following is a statement just issued by the BFA

The FIE are introducing new timings for sabre for the 2016/17 season, with the new block-out time increasing to 170 milli-seconds from 120 milli-seconds. Further information about the new timings is available at

It is the intention that all domestic events should also operate under the new timings for the 2016/17 season in line with the FIE (from 1st September 2016 onwards) so we wanted to alert coaches to this so they can put plans in place for the new season. You should contact your equipment manufacturer to confirm how you can go about getting your boxes updated to the new T2016 timings, and what the timescales for this will be. An email has also been sent to organisers of competitions involving sabre taking place after 1st September.