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Why Should I Join Highams Park Fencing Club?

There are many sword fencing clubs around the country and HPFC is not going to say that one is better than another.

Our coaches are dedicated to getting the best out of all our club members.

We aim to cater for keen amateur as well as those who are more a social fencer.

We run separate children and adult classes thus enabling our coaches to focus on the skills and abilities of each group.

We are dedicated to invest in the continual personal development of all our members and we shall aim to monitor and promote personal growth within the sport.

Our aim is to help beginners to fence with swords quite quickly and safely in a congenial and friendly environment. You will encounter a variety of people from diverse backgrounds who come together to fence on a Wednesday evening.

HPFC runs a number of social events throughout the year with a dedicated social secretary and through this we build upon the club spirit and allow members family and friends to enjoy the friendly side to the club.

Finally we believe our fees to be highly competitive thus allowing those interested in the sport to sample it without a hefty financial outlay.